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Who will be the champion?

Welcome to our March Madness bracket showdown, where the competition is heating up and the stakes are high! The Good JuJu team is ready, popcorn popped, reclining chair in position.

Who will be the champion?

Mikey’s going all in with Marquette, will the Golden Eagles claim the championship for the first time since 1977?

Adam believes the Tennessee Volunteers have the offensive firepower to send everyone home packing!

Emily is riding with her alma mater, the Arizona Wildcats! In Ballo we trust?

Cameron’s going with the University of Houston. Do Cougars roar their way to victory as a first seed?

Jack is trusting the blue bloods in North Carolina! If not Duke, it must be the Tar Heels!

With our brackets locked in, it’s time to turn to you. Who do you think will emerge victorious in the big dance? Share your predictions on social media and join us in the excitement of March Madness!

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