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Marketing is all about helping drive the right audience to you, harnessing the full capabilities of your business, and providing the best customer experience with your brand.

Here are answers to the most common marketing-related FAQs we get asked...and a few answers to unrelated questions, just for fun. 😃

100% YES! What got you here won't get you there, so having a good website is imperative for success nowadays. In the world of omni-channel marketing, your website is the center of it all!

Word of mouth is great, but consumers find, research, and compare companies online before making decisions, and a well designed site is the difference between a good first impression and a forgettable one.

Websites promote you 24/7. They give your company credibility. Websites boost brand awareness. They increases conversions. And the best ones help you rank, stay relevant, and makes every other marketing strategy work really well.

In short, it depends. Social media presence is crucial for all companies in today's digital world, but we'll help you understand what's out there and determine which ones are best for your unique needs.

Perhaps it's YouTube for videos, educational content, and sheer volume?

Maybe LinkedIn makes sense if you're trying to reach professionals or company decision makers?

Facebook is the biggest and may be the best platform for your business, Twitter will keep your message and mindset in front of your followers, while Instagram can help you connect with the right audience. Even Snapchat and TikTok have their benefits for many modern businesses.

To determine which social media platform is best for your business, it's important to first determine your target audience and know your social media goals (and budget) - then we'll help you maximize each appropriate platform for business success.

We've seen a ton of funny network names in our day, but the Top 10 most hilarious Wi-Fi names that our team thinks are worth mentioning are:

1. Drop It Like It's Hotspot
2. New England Clam Router
3. One if by LAN…
4. Tell My Wifi Love Her
5. It Burns When IP
6. You Shall Not PASSword
7. Keep It On The Download
8. Chance the Router
9. Wu Tang LAN
10. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi

Everyone at Good JuJu believes that a good email marketing program is still extremely beneficial, especially for small businesses.

It's essentially free, is easily scaled, can be mostly automated, and provides a ton of powerful data to help make smart marketing decisions.

Emails are targeted, personal, highly relevant, and can be individualized so your most loyal consumers see different messages than those who've never engaged with you.

Essentially, email is very much alive and - when done right - allows you to communicate authentically and directly with your audience, leverage your existing database, and can help turn an interested lead into an engaged user on their terms.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, it's doing everything you can digitally to ensure your company performs better on search engines and shows up when people search for things you want to be known for.

There's a joke that says the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google because nobody ever looks there. Even though the algorithms are always evolving, Page 1 of Google still captures almost all the traffic. And that's still where you want to be.

By pairing in-depth research with technical design and then adding some skilled writing for blogs, webpages, and social media content, we can help you show up towards the top of search engine results over time.

SEO is more complicated than ever, but that's what we're here for. And though SEO may be constantly changing, but it's still an absolute must for successful content marketing.

Tons. While big agencies may be right for some very big businesses, boutique agencies offer assistance for companies of all sizes, scopes, and stages of growth.

Boutique agencies are small and super creative and can tailor each marketing tactic, be it digital, traditional, or event planning, to your specific brand and budget. We dig into the details of your business to understand your industry and its unique challenges, goals, and processes. We use data and do the research to ensure we don't miss anything. Then we create and connect your offerings with your ideal target demographic and tweak everything until it achieves results.

How? A nimble and knowledgable team, ongoing research, extensive brainstorming, creative meetings, constant collaboration, wild creativity, continued education, data-driven recommendations, industry connections, and decades of experience.

Our authentic and analytics driven approach allows our boutique marketing agency to not only compete with, but consistently outperform some of the "big boys" thanks to our continuing, connected and customized strategy for marketing success.

We go the extra mile because that part of the road isn’t crowded. Each of us takes the time to deeply know your business, delve into your brand, and to deliver the best marketing approach possible.

A goal without a strategy is just a wish.

Sure, our team is insanely creative, but we know that good marketing is both art and science. That's why our ideas and insightful recommendations are always driven by data, supported by research, and designed based on best practices.

In its simplest form, marketing focuses on two things. First, using marketing to discover customers’ needs, motivations, and desires. And then, using that insight to deliver what customers actually want to see and want to buy.

We use trackable metrics to improve your marketing. We use actual data to gain better clarity about your target audience. We help uncover the best channels for conversation and promotion. We segment and scrutinize database to send the most relevant content.

Whether its email open rates or click through rates or social media analytics, we make sure the numbers reflect your strategies. From improving customer loyalty, to acquiring more new customers, to increasing customer satisfaction and more, when companies understand their clients’ motivations, they have the power to deliver relevant, real-time, laser-focused marketing.

Lack of engagement!

Sorry...we just really like "dad jokes." But don’t worry, we're way better at marketing then stand up comedy.

And unlike the joke, our team will stay with you, support you, and will secure your (marketing) engagement.

If u dont wAnt ur WEBsighte to look like this scentence, than then yeah.!

(Okay, bad example. Your website is way better than that.) But every good leader knows that the real secret to business success - and scaling that success - is to surround yourself with smart, experienced, and capable people who are experts in their space who will compliment your skills. (People like our people.)

Beyond just freeing you up so you can focus on your business or building other things, the team of writers and talented designers on our team will help develop your brand voice, ensure consistency, keep your visuals and verbiage current, and so much more.

Quite simply, graphic designers and good copywriters help make the magic happen.

Delivering stunning graphics, clean formats, catchy phrases, and impactful text is essential for a professional marketing strategy. Creative professionals like the ones on the Good JuJu crew combine the research, brainstorming, and collaboration into on-brand deliverables that will reach your audience.

If you only want a pat on the back, call your mom. If you want to save a few dollars just to "check the box", call in a favor. But if you want a bold brand and to build and grow a successful company with badass marketing behind it, surround yourself with people like us.

There is not a one-size-fits-all content calendar across companies. Some companies churn out gobs of content each week while others send out specialized content very sparingly.

Content is still king, so yes, you do need a realistic plan to consistently create and curate content. We suggest focusing on quality, creativity, and consistency, whatever that looks like for your company.

But more isn't necessarily better if it's off brand or off-putting. Quality content is about the actual quality of that content. Make it authentic and relevant. Ensure it's easy to consume. And while perfect shouldn't be the enemy of good, we can help you figure out the perfect flow.

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