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Good JuJu Day 2024

March 29th was Good JuJu Day, our favorite holiday of the year! 🌟 On Good JuJu Day we spread kindness and good vibes all around. We closed the office doors, gave everyone some cash to pay it forward, and took a day to do something good for others and ourselves. If you’re interested in what each of us did on our Good JuJu Day – keep reading!


This GoodJuJu day was my first ever! To add some good to the world, I chose to donate to the Tucson Wildlife Center through their “sponsor an animal” program. The TWC provides rescue services, medical care, and safe release to the wildlife around Tucson. As someone who enjoys spending time outdoors, I find the work of TWC important, keeping the natural areas we enjoy, and its wildlife safe. For myself, I bought a few cups of coffee and a parking pass to Sabino Canyon Recreation Area!


This Good JuJu Day I traveled to Bookmans and took my time browsing the wide selection of treasures. I settled on three books that have been on my reading list for a while, and almost left with a Buffy The Vampire Slayer action figure as well, but it set me over my budget so I decided to leave it for the next Buffy fan to find (I may still go back for it later). While checking out, I handed the rest of the GJJ Day cash to the cashier and requested to pay for the people in line behind me. I didn’t stick around to see their reaction (that would be creepy, right?), though I hope it made their day! It was a top-tier GJJ Day.


I took some time this Good JuJu day to help Parent Aid Child Abuse Prevention Center with some pro-bono marketing support and a small donation.  Parent Aid had reached out looking for some help in potentially rebranding.  I was pleased to host some folks from Parent Aid and SVP Tucson to review Parent Aid’s logos, taglines, mission statement, target audiences and more.  Over 2 and a half hours we went through a lot of rebranding scenarios and came up with some core messaging tactics, logo options, slogans and more.  in the Good JuJu office and went through a few hours.  

As far as what I did for myself, I got a carwash.  No matter how often I tell myself I need a carwash I seemingly always put it off.  Between trips to and from the gym, volleyball practice for my daughter and swimming practice for my son… my car stinks.  That lemony fresh scent is just what I needed to make it a Good JuJu day!


This Good JuJu Day I went to Costco to get as many dog treats and toys as I could to donate to Pima Animal Care Center. PACC is where I got my dog Holly last year and they are the BEST shelter in Tucson (I’m not biased at all). I’m hoping my small donation might help some of the 400+ dogs at PACC have a little bit of a better day. As for myself, I got a massage! Treating myself to 90 minutes of relaxation was the best thing I could do for me. 


To spread some joy and make others happy on Good JuJu Day, I took my little nieces to an arcade and paid for their fun time. But we also bought tokens for tons of little kids who were there and my 8 and 6-year-old nieces helped me hand out video game credits to every little kid at the arcade who needed some, specifically a tee-ball team that didn’t have a lot of money to spend on the games and was so appreciative of us helping them have fun. Fun way to spread some good juju to others

Join us in celebrating the power of positivity and making the world a little brighter, one act of kindness at a time in honor of Good JuJu Day! 💫

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