Don't lose your child-like joy. Studies find that children smile as many as 400 times per day!

Ellie’s Spotify Picks–January 2022

I’ve listened to 94+ thousand minutes of music on Spotify. My liked songs are like my diary—they ebb and flow, representing different moods, life events, etc.

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Good JuJu team

Yule Never Expect These Holiday Traditions

Whatever you celebrate and however you enjoy the holidays, take a break, crack a smile, and skim through the Good JuJu team’s seasonal customs and holiday traditions – you might just be surprised!

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Spotify Playlist cover Good JuJu Winter Chill

December Music Playlist: Winter Chill

From Christmas classics to Hanukkah hits and other seasonal songs, enjoy these handpicked holiday favorites from Good JuJu to you.

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