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Favorite Football Commercials From The Big Game

The Super Bowl isn’t just for watching great football but also great ads! As marketing experts, here are our favorite commercials from the Big Game.

Favorite Football Commercials From The Big Game


My top ad pick from the variety of Super Bowl commercials was the CeraVe ad. As a loyal CeraVe consumer and a MichaelCera fan, it was delightful to see CeraVe turn their name into a pun, insinuating that Michael Cera is the one who developed CeraVe. In the past, CeraVe seems to have taken themselves pretty seriously, so it was great to see a silly ad like this one. I think that’s why it caught the attention of the internet as well, though many people thought Michael Cera really was the one behind CeraVe 🤭. I’m hoping Michael Cera becomes the official CeraVe spokesperson and we get to see more commercials like this in the future!


This year, one of the standout moments for me in advertising was the State Farm commercial featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. As a fan of both his iconic career in film and his bodybuilding achievements as a 7-time Mr. Olympia, seeing him playfully twist the State Farm jingle with his Austrian accent was hilarious. The way he transformed the familiar “like a good neighbor” into “like a good neighbaaa” was not only funny but also a brilliant nod to his unique persona.

Also, the addition of Danny DeVito in the commercial was the cherry on top. DeVito’s presence never fails to elevate any scene he’s in, and his cameo added an extra layer of humor and star power to an already memorable ad.

Overall, this State Farm commercial perfectly blended humor, nostalgia, and star appeal, making it a standout moment in the Super Bowl advertising for me this year.


One thing that will never not get me is a commercial about female empowerment. My favorite Super Bowl commercial was the “Hard Knocks: A Dove Big Game Film.” Not only is it just cute seeing little girls play sports hard, I loved the message. Keep girls in sports! I thought it was fun, catchy (everyone knows that song from Annie!) and empowering. IDK if I’ll purchase Dove products because of it… but I enjoyed the commercial, and that’s what matters!


Jack stole mine. The Governator’s comedic range is seriously underappreciated. “Like a good neighbaaa!” Genius.

So I’ll go with Dunkings instead. I’m a sucker for a thick Boston accent. The Sam Adams’ “your cousin from Boston” commercials are hilarious. The SNL Boston Teens skits with Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Dratch make me chuckle every time. Again, SNL Dunkin Donuts skit with Casey Affleck is a dime. There’s no difference here. Ben Affleck’s accent makes me laugh. But for me it’s the subtle low-key humor that makes the ad work. It feels like he’s overdoing the accent for the sake of the ad but, I get the impression that deep down Ben would really much rather just be the guy with the thick Boston accent that throws two middle fingers to the world than where his success has taken him. I also appreciate Matt Damon’s disgust at the whole thing. That also feels overacted but somehow entirely authentic.

What Super Bowl commercial stood out to you?

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