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“The Best Night of Hanukkah” © by Adam Lazarus

Best Night of Hanukkah

Rabbis have argued for centuries.
Judaic law hasn’t been clear.
The writings provide no consensus.
Dates seem to change every year.

Which is the best night of Hanukkah?
A question that’s too hard to answer.
Like asking, “Who’s the best reindeer?”
Is it Comet or Cupid or Dancer?

Hanukkah lasts for 8 evenings.
And each night stands out from the rest.
So, here’s the “definitive” order.
My list of which night is the best.

Night number 1 is my favorite,
If ranking them best to the worst.
The dreidels, the food and the candles.
We like to go big on the first!

The first night is always the best night.
With presents, menorahs and song.
Then night number 8 – the finale!
Like Lionel Richie, we go “all night long”.

Next best? Night number 7.
The night before everything’s done.
Close to the holiday ending,
So we pack in the Hanukkah fun!

Night number 5 takes the fourth spot.
But in fifth place, it’s night number 3.
I know that it may sound confusing.
And it’s also confusing to me.

Then comes night 4 in the middle.
It’s not great. It’s not bad. Just okay.
Then night number 2 follows closely,
Still full from the food the first day.

The worst night of Hanukkah? Simple…
It’s gotta be night number 6.
Nothing much happens. Nobody cares.
It’s one night the Hebrews should fix.

So, that is my Hanukkah ranking.
Other Jews may not agree.
Everyone has their opinion.
But enjoying each – that is the key!

I hope that I’ve answered the question,
Which Hanukkah night is the best?
Frankly, they’re all pretty special
If your family’s around you – you’re blessed.

Which is the best night of Hanukkah?
Truthfully, no one is right.
Eight nights of fun. And I love every one.
So, the best? Well, it’s always “tonight.”

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