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Nerding Out About Podcasts

Are you ready to nerd out about podcasts?! As a team of passionate marketers and creatives, we believe in the power of storytelling and the impact it can have on our work. Today, we’re excited to peel back the curtain and share the fascinating world of podcasts through the lens of our talented team members. From gripping true crime stories to thought-provoking interviews and mind-bending narratives, our diverse group of podcast enthusiasts has curated a collection of their all-time favorite shows. Join us as we embark on this auditory adventure, exploring the podcasts that have captivated our minds, sparked conversations, and ignited our creative inspiration.🌟🎙️


I always love listening to podcasts when I drive, go for a walk, work out, you name it! I have many favorites – but one of my current favorites is The Skinny Confidential by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and Michael Bosstick. The podcast is produced by the Dear Media network, where Michael is actually the CEO! The couple are entrepreneurs and social media bloggers, and discuss all things lifestyle. Whether it be learning wellness tips, hearing from a guest or celebrity on the show, or gaining new knowledge on a topic I’ve never looked into, I always find myself loving every episode. The podcast has 572 episodes and counting, so there is definitely an episode for everyone! 

One of my favorite episodes (and a must-listen in my opinion) is called, “Kidnapped by Pirates for 93 Days – The Unbelievable True Story Of Jessica Buchanan & Her Captivity“. The episode interviews a woman who, in 2011, was kidnapped by pirates in Somalia, and dives into her changed perspectives on meditation, relationships and life during and after her captivity. This episode discusses a story/topic I had never learned, and opened my eyes to what it really means to connect with yourself and others. I highly recommend this episode, and this podcast in general!


Podcasts are such an awesome way to share knowledge! I listen to a variety of different podcasts, but two of my favorites are Criminal and Maintenance Phase

For the true crime junkies, Criminal is an absolute gem. The various types of crimes shared on the podcast are impressive – from a neighborhood-saving Buddha statue to crime-committing dogs, Criminal covers it all and you’ll always find yourself invested in the story, no matter which episode you’re tuning in to. 

On the other hand, Maintenance Phase is all about exposing the myths that diet culture has taught us to believe. With two congenial hosts, the podcast will be sure to keep you entertained while exploring topics that will get your blood boiling. If you’re a fan of body neutrality and escaping diet culture, this podcast is a must-listen. 

What both podcasts have in common is their success in educating their listeners. While podcasts don’t have to be an educational experience, I personally love to learn from my entertainment.


I’ve honestly never been a huge podcast person, there is only one podcast that I listen to on our a regular basis and that is… Call Her Daddy. Call Her Daddy was originally a podcast by Barstool Sports, but is now exclusively on Spotify. Call Her Daddy is hosted by Alex Cooper who talks about relationships, advice, and even interviews celebrities to talk about their lives outside of what we usually see. It’s completely silly always making you laugh even when talking about serious things like mental health. So, if you’re like me and want to listen to some nonsense – this is the podcast for you.


Podcasts are my cup of tea! I’m such a fan, I started my own podcast focusing on sharing authentic smyles with authentic people, called Smyles with Myles. I find podcasts to be extremely liberating. Being able to find a show/discussion on virtually any topic is my definition of freedom. Whether it’s pop culture, news, positivity, self-empowerment, financial literacy, sports, wellness, fashion, or true crime. There is a show for everyone. These shows truly become part of my routine and each week I look forward to the new episodes. Podcasting allows fans to connect with creators in a new way. A good show feels like a personal conversation between the hosts and the listener.  For me, I end up connecting with the hosts and they become “one of my friends.”  
A favorite podcast of mine is Cinephobe (which drops every Thursday). They review movies with a 40% or lower on Rotten Tomatoes. This is a great way to revisit old movies and to learn about films I haven’t seen. After listening to the Cinephobe episode on Event Horizon I had to watch the movie. This podcast has helped me expand my movie palette.


Podcasts? meh.


I was late to the podcast world, but after listening to “The Office Ladies” podcast with my family for hours on a long roadtrip – I was hooked on podcasts. But for me, podcasts aren’t about acquiring new skills or solving crimes or getting in touch with my inner self, they’re all about entertainment value for me…laughing hard at funny commentary, learning dumb things or dumb stories featuring famous people. The podcasts that “scratch that comedy itch” for me – my favorite funny podcasts – are Smartless, This Is Important, 2 Bears 1 Cave & Conan Needs a Friend. Every episode cracks me up and kills some time, and delivers big when it comes to absolute absurdity.

Storytelling is a crucial component of effective marketing. Podcasts offer a remarkable avenue for fostering meaningful connections, both for listeners and creators alike. In recent years, podcasting has experienced a significant surge in popularity, with an increasing number of young adults gravitating toward this captivating medium and eagerly exploring its possibilities. We would love to hear about the podcasts that have captured your attention. Are you considering launching a podcast for your business? Contact Good JuJu Agency today! We’re eager and ready to provide you with the guidance and support you need to achieve success in this exciting venture.

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