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Match the Pet to its Good JuJu Team Member

Apparently, people start to look like their pets with time. Is this phenomenon true with the Good JuJu Crew? Play this quick matching game to find out!

Between dogs in the office, cats crawling on keyboards during remote workdays, and pet rocks taking up the desk space, delivering dynamic marketing is a team effort between the actual marketers and their pets.

The team kind of acts like their furry (or rocky) counterparts, but apparently, people start to look like their pets with time. Is this phenomenon true with the Good JuJu Crew? Play this quick matching game to find out!

Mikey’s Dogs Pablo and Posey

Named after San Francisco Giants legends Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey. Much like their namesakes, there isn’t much that Pablo enjoys more than a big meal and Posey a ball she can chase. Believe it or not, these two labs have nothing but love for everyone they meet despite both having been rescued from the desert outside of Tucson. Consider a rescue for your next family pet.

Adam’s Dog Jett

This dog’s name is Jett. And only one person in our office loves the NY Jets football team (and also the Florida Gators) enough to name their dog after them. Like his pet parent, he’s funny and furry and forever in a good mood, and – like his owner – he also likes eating garbage, getting crazy sometimes, and going on long walks so he can pee on his neighbor’s property.

Ellie’s Pet Rock Ashley Sandy Everest Rockgomery

Ashley Sandy Everest Rockgomery or “Sandy” for short, is a laid-back, low-maintenance pet rock who loves to lounge around. This little boulder may seem worthless to some, but to her owner, she has some real sedimental value. Sandy’s owner never wants her to feel taken for granite so they always give her the best tequila on the rocks. Sandy’s hobbies include watching The Pebble Wears Prada, rock climbing, and reading The Rolling Stone.

Kat’s Cat Billy

Billy is the chillest cat in the room. Named after activist, actor, and fashion icon, Billy Porter, his favorite hobbies include chewing string, napping, waiting for his owner to return from camping, plopping down for belly rubs , and being fiercely adorable.

Tom’s Dog Daisy

This is Daisy and although not a Windsor-Mountbatten by blood, she often responds to Her Royal Majesty or HRM for short. Daisy loves adventure, traveling and riding bikes around the brewery scene in Tucson.

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