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Boy Bands v Man Bands

Boyband: A musical group of young men in their teens or early twenties who’s primary audience is teenage girls. When I think of a boyband, One Direction is the first group that comes to mind…1. Because they’re iconic and 2. Because they formed a band in 2010–when I was ten years old. 

Manband: A group of men who may (or may not) be past their prime, but have somehow retained their audience and appeal. Think Aerosmith, U2, Coldplay. Manbands tend to have a more diverse audience because they rely less on selling their brand on top of creating music.

Growing up, I listened to a lot of classic rock with my parents. On the way to soccer practice? An Aerosmith CD is bumpin’ in the family minivan. Want to go to a concert? We’re going to see Rick Springfield. The only time I listened to boy bands was when I hung out with my friends and I felt so rebellious. One of the first albums I purchased was One Direction’s first album Up All Night. After that, I was launched into the world of boybands, but I’ve never lost my love and appreciation for manbands that I got from my parents.

She Looks so Perfect by 5SOS

Any boy band that isn’t American automatically gets 10 bonus points–5 Seconds of Summer is no exception. 

Girls by The 1975

The modern boyband groupie is the Twitter stan–a fan who is slightly obsessed with a band and its members. Twitter stans tend to be *a little* obnoxious because they believe they deserve special attention and treatment. The 1975 have some of the worst Twitter stans, but their music is great.

Black by Pearl Jam

Up All Night by One Direction

THE classic boy band song for anyone born between 1998 and 2005!

Dynamite by BTS

Year 3000 by The Jonas Brothers

An essential 2009 father-daughter dance song. The dads just stood there while their daughters screamed “and your great great great granddaughter is doing fine.”

All Night by The Vamps

Motownphilly by Boyz II Men

Leavin’ by Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney isn’t a boyband…he’s just a guy that every girl was in love with in 2015 and really embodies boyband culture in the mid-2010’s.

Greek Tragedy by The Wombats

It’s Gonna Be Me by *NSYNC

Tom’s Diner by Annenmaykenart

This cover went viral on TikTok because of the singer’s amazing voices.

A Change is Gonna Come by Greta Van Fleet

When I interviewed for my job at Good JuJu, I told our fearless leaders Adam, Mikey, and Tom that one of my favorite bands is Greta Van Fleet. I listen to their album “From the Fires” on repeat when I go hiking.

Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen

I’m Your Wreck – Live at Red Rocks, 5/22/21 by Mt. Joy

Step by Step by New Kids on the Block

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith

This is one of my Mom’s favorite songs.

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2

My dad received the 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concerts on DVD as a gift when I was about 12. I very vividly remember watching the video of U2 performing this song with Bruce Springsteen. Iconic.

Wait for Me by Kings of Leon

If you’ve never played Kings of Leon on your walk home from the bar at 2am, what are you doing?!?

Where Did You Sleep Last Night (MTV’s Unplugged in New York) by Nirvana

Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun

This song is great–the jstrain Yes Indeed Soundcloud remix is even better.

Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely by Backstreet Boys

Seven Bridges Road by The Eagles

Stay tuned for July’s Playlist: Retro Summer Classics

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