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What’s the Best Thanksgiving Dish? 

There’s one thing we won’t argue about – a holiday all about food is the best kind of holiday. When it comes to Thanksgiving there are lots of dishes that everyone has on their table like Turkey and stuffing, but there’s also lots of food that is specific to the family you’re in. For example, some people have mac and cheese at Thanksgiving (those people are geniuses). Plus, with so many nostalgic, seasonal dishes everyone has strong opinions on what the best dish is. Here at Good JuJu, we’ve decided to give everyone on the team a chance to argue their side – What’s the best dish at Thanksgiving… and why is your answer obviously the best answer?

What's the Best Thanksgiving Dish?


Green Bean Casserole is THE BEST Thanksgiving dish there is. Many will say – what about mashed potatoes? Apple pie?  While I will agree with you, apple pie is one of the best foods on the planet – it’s not the best Thanksgiving dish. Why? The best Thanksgiving dish has to be a food that you only get at Thanksgiving. Most foods on the table at Thanksgiving you will have throughout the year like corn and turkey. But, you only get green bean casserole on Thanksgiving. I love vegetables, I love vegetables even more when they are covered in creamy goodness and topped with crunchy, salty, fried onions. I always want to go back for seconds of green bean casserole, but it’s always gone. (Probably because everyone got heaping scoops because it’s delicious!) Green bean casserole’s fiercest competitor is Stuffing – which is understandable because it’s delicious. So, I will make one point why green bean casserole beats stuffing – texture variation! Stuffing is all mush, whereas green bean casserole has crisp veggies, smooth cream slathered all over it with that crunch of the onions on top. You just can’t beat it.


The best Thanksgiving dish to ever exist is sweet potato casserole. You know, the one with the toasted marshmallows on top that provide that delectable crunchy-on-the-outside, gooey-on-the-inside goodness. That’s the one. It’s a staple that must be included in every Thanksgiving meal. The sugary sweetness of the dish perfectly balances the savoriness of everything that comes before it. But part of what makes this dish so wonderful is that it’s usually served with the main meal, which means you can technically have some dessert before you dig into your turkey. Who doesn’t like to eat dessert first?! If you’re not that kind of person (I promise not to judge), then you can always save it for last and it’s like a mini dessert before the pumpkin pie makes its debut. Chef’s kiss.


Dinner rolls are a staple of any Thanksgiving feast, a dish many consider to be more than just essential. These golden-brown orbs of fluffy perfection are more than just a side dish. A warm, freshly baked dinner roll has a crisp exterior and a soft, pillowy inside. When torn open, the aroma of yeast and butter signals the start of a satisfying experience. Dinner rolls play a crucial role in enhancing the Thanksgiving feast.


  Pecan pie! Hands-down, no question.  I’m not talking about the store-bought stuff, that’s about as good as bringing up politics at the dinner table. Hard pass. No, I am talking about the ooey gooey goodness of a homemade pie loaded with the brown sugar, butter and the really bad-for-you dark corn syrup. Serve up a slice warm right out of the oven with a pinch of sea salt, a dollop of cool whip and a scoop of vanilla ice cream… you’re basically serving up a slice of love. 

One thing is clear – our passion for marketing matches our enthusiasm for good food! Just like the diverse dishes that grace our Thanksgiving tables, each team member brings a unique flavor to our collaborative efforts. Whether you’re team turkey, stuffing, or the ever-controversial cranberry sauce, we can all agree that the joy of the holiday season is amplified when shared with those we appreciate most. Here’s to the variety that makes us stronger and the spirited discussions that keep our creative juices flowing. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving filled with delicious debates and the warmth of good company! 

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