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What Halloween Candy is everyone on the Good JuJu team?

Welcome to the Good JuJu Bakery – where everyone will assemble a cake from flavor to filling to plating. Well, metaphorically of course… because we are all taking a Buzzfeed Quiz! “Order A Fancy-Schmancy Cake And I’ll Tell You Which Halloween Candy Perfectly Matches Your Vibe.” To know which Halloween candy we all are, we will first have to take this Buzzfeed quiz. Which Halloween candy do you think each of us are?

Adam: M&M’s – A classic favorite among all ages! Just like this treat, you’re extremely popular

M & M’s is perfect for me. Classic chocolate, peanut, peanut butter, caramel or any crazy M & M’s concoction they can create… I’m all in for all the varieties! In fact, I’ll eat most candy except anything black licorice-flavored, circus peanuts, sour-patch kids or stuff that’ll break my teeth. Other than those few devil-candies I mentioned, I’m down for it all!

Mikey: Jolly Rancher Hard Candies – Lots of flavors to choose from! Just like this treat, you’re quite loveable.

I’m all for fruity desserts, fruity cereals, fruit in general.  But, Jolly Ranchers for halloween candy???  NOPE.  Aside from smarties and black licorice, Jolly Ranchers are easily the last thing left in my kids’ halloween bags after I’ve eaten all the good stuff. 

Emily: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – A very popular choice! Just like this treat, you’re super sweet! 

Reese’s is my favorite candy of all time so I am delighted that this is the candy my cake choose for me. I thought my cake was amazing but kind of crazy. It was strawberry, filled with oreo cream, and covered in edible glitter. I anticipated my candy to be more outlandish but, the comforting sweetness of Reese’s embodies my personality just right. It’s a reminder that sometimes, in the midst of glitter and novelty, simplicity and sweetness shine the brightest.

Cameron: M&M’s – A classic favorite among all ages! Just like this treat, you’re extremely popular

I got M&M’s! While not my favorite candy, I’ll rarely turn down an offer of some M&M’s. I chose a strawberry cake with some chocolate ganache, a mix of different icings, and berries on top! I guess that’s a crowd-pleaser 😁. I was hoping for maybe a Twix or even a Snickers, but I suppose I wasn’t creative enough with my cake to warrant such delicious candy. Better luck next time! 

Jack: M&M’s – A classic favorite among all ages! Just like this treat, you’re extremely popular

Starbursts are wonderful lil candies that brighten up my day! It will be a frozen day in Tucson before I turn down a handful of pink starbursts. I baked my buzzfeed cake with a vanilla base, strawberry filling, and buttercream icing, finished with a chocolate glaze! An absolutely fantastic combination only someone with a refined palate like myself could concoct. Super Vibrant, Super Fun.

We invite all you lovely readers to embark on your own delightful journey. Head over to BuzzFeed and take the quiz to discover which Halloween candy perfectly encapsulates your spirit. It’s more than just a sweet treat; it’s a playful dive into your own unique personality. Embrace the unexpected, relish the sweetness, and let your inner candy shine! We can’t wait to hear about your candy-inspired revelations.

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