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Myles’ Office Sounds Playlist – September 2022

Music is a pivotal part of the work week. A song can elevate the mood, give the energy needed to finish a task, or just put someone in a sentimental mood. Work can get a little chaotic, so here are some songs to help when things feel too crazy.

Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry brings energy and passion to get through the hardest work week or even the hardest work day. It’s always a productive day when you start it with Johnny.

Fly Like An Eagle by Thundercat

A classic song reimagined by Thundercat. What more do you need?

My Peace by PJ Morton & JOJO

PJ Morton & JOJO are a dynamic duo. They bring soul and passion to this song.

April in Paris by Thelonious Monk

Who wouldn’t want it to be April in Paris? This song captures a mood that lifts any work day.

You Don’t Know What Love Is by Sonny Rollings

The secret to any stressful/difficult situation is adding a little saxophone to it. 

curly by Kiefer

Kiefer’s music is great for when the small tasks start to feel out of hand.

Sleepless Nights by Dinner Party 

Need a peaceful moment? This song gives the listener a chance to relax from the stresses of the day.

Songs For My Father by Horace Silver

Horace Silver brought the uplifting tunes with this song.

(What a) Wonderful World by Sam Cooke

A classic for a reason. It’s a Wonderful World when you find true love. 

In a Sentimental Mood by John Coltrane & Duke Ellington

Slow down with the sentimental sounds of Coltrane & Ellington. The duo may be the perfect way to end a hectic work week.

So What by Miles Davis

The smooth sounds of Miles Davis are needed to carry us into the weekend. 

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