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Sweat It Out: A Timed Warmup to Cool Down Playlist

Look, movement is essential–not to “get shredded abs” or “lose the last 10 pounds,” but to strengthen your body for longevity’s sake, to build healthy habits, and to clear your mind from the day’s stressors.

When we work out with the goal of changing our bodies, it comes from a space of not feeling good enough. Most people change their habits to hit a scale-based goal, but it usually fails in the long term. People lose weight but keep the old habits because the restrictive lifestyle was unattainable in the long run.

When we work out with the goal of moving in enjoyable ways because we understand that our bodies were designed to move, we create consistent movement habits. I’ll say it again: working out to change your body is not sustainable; working out for mental and physical health is sustainable.

It’s 2022. We have long lists of research that shows that 30-minutes of sweat-inducing movement does wonders for mental and physical wellbeing. Gone are the days of the gym-timidation and excuses. Gone are the days of forcing yourself to do workouts that you hate. We workout for joy, exploration, longevity, consistency, fun, and a contained challenge these days.

If you’re tired of your workouts feeling like a chore, this 35-minute playlist turns working out into rocking out. From the warmup to the cool down, here’s a playlist that will help you sweat it out.

Stay tuned for September’s playlist.

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