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Good JuJu’s New Year Resolutions

As the New Year begins, the Good JuJu team is setting intentions for personal and professional growth. In this special blog edition, each member of our amazing team shares a unique New Year’s resolution, offering a glimpse into the aspirations that fuel our collective drive. From honing new skills to fostering creativity, join us on this journey of self-discovery and ambitious goal-setting. Here’s to a year of transformation and Good JuJu magic!

Good JuJu New Year Resolutions


LOSE SOME DAMN WEIGHT!  That might be a little too focused on personal resolutions but, I don’t think anyone would argue that the healthier we are, the more productive and happier we are.  For the benefit of my family and our clients, I am making it a goal to get back into shape, lose some weight, work out my stress in the gym and bring a positive vibe to 2024. 


Sticking to the plan can be tough for many New Year’s Resolutions! As we enter the new year, my goal is to stay committed to keeping our clients’ marketing projects on track and well-organized. By ensuring effective communication and solid organization, I’m excited to assist our clients in successfully wrapping up their marketing projects and adding value to their bottom line!”


My New Year’s resolution is to make collaboration on Good JuJu and our clients’ social media a more utilized asset. My plan is to find and execute collaboration posts on Instagram with awesome businesses and interesting people to create some serious social media greatness. Through collaboration, I’m hoping to continue my overarching goal of increasing brand awareness and amplifying engagement for all the accounts I work on.


My New Year’s resolution is to revamp our clients’ email marketing. To avoid giving up all my secrets, I’ll keep it vague, but my plan involves some calendaring to keep me organized and collaborating directly with Emily, our Social Media and Creative Marketing Strategist. Email marketing is far from dead, and it’s important to make sure it’s utilized effectively for the best outcome. There will definitely be some A/B testing in my future!


Professionally, I want to see Good JuJu help more of our clients move beyond just the marketing basics and working together to create true marketing magic! The foundational requirements like websites, emails, and social are certainly essential, but our team’s capabilities and creativity are tailor-made to helping with the FUN marketing stuff that comes next – brand building, consumer targeting, contests & promotions, clever ad campaigns, events & experiences, videos & content and uniquely showcasing every client’s personality. Going beyond the basics – that’s the goal for 2024!

It’s evident that the Good JuJu team is not merely embracing change but actively sculpting it. Each resolution is a promise, a commitment to growth, and a pledge to make the upcoming year more vibrant and purposeful. Whether it’s professional or personal, our collective spirit is charged with optimism and determination. Happy New Year everyone! We can’t wait to see how 2024 unfolds.

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