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Ellie’s Spotify Picks–January 2022

I’ve listened to 94+ thousand minutes of music on Spotify. My liked songs are like my diary—they ebb and flow, representing different moods, life events, etc.

 This playlist features a few ‘journal entries’ from the last year and is a perfect way to start the new one! (P.S. Read the entries below.)

  1. Float- HARBOUR: I found this song when I was on vacation in South Carolina and it reminds me of biking to the beach.
  1. Many Times- Dijon: This song is like contemporary art. It’s really chaotic and percussive, but super calming.
  1. Lancaster Nights- Charlie Burg: Groovy, vibey, it’s impossible to listen to this song and not do a little dance.
  1. BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd (with ROLE MODEL)- Claire Rosinkranz, ROLE MODEL: A great collab from two of my favorite artists.
  1. Buttons- Meija: This song sounds like a cute montage from a coming-of-age film.
  1. We Find Love- Daniel Caeser: I always find myself bobbing my head to this song.
  1. Window- Still Woozy: My best friend played me this song on the way to one of the worst hikes I’ve ever done. 
  1. Kids- Busty and the Bass: I love the way this song builds musically–it has a whole orchestra and rock band by the end.
  1. Feels Like- Gracie Abrams: Long drives with the windows down in the passenger seat, sticking my head out of the car and looking back.
  1. Thick and Thin- LANY: The first song off the greatest album of all time–no skips, absolutely perfect.
  1. Makeup- Brandon: A failed situationship. The closure I needed when I couldn’t get it from them.
  1. Cold Summer- Dead Emerson: Reminiscing when you’ve made peace with a situation.
  1. Come Back to Earth- Mac Miller: I get chills every time I listen to this song.

  2. Beyond- Leon Bridges: This song never fails to put a smile on my face.

Touch base for Tom’s tunes in February.

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