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Mikey’s March Mix- 2022

For me, music is a vehicle for me to explore my feelings through the interpretation of others’ art. At any given time, the recently played list on my Spotify account is a window into my soul.  Whether I need an escape from my own internal dialogue or to balance my emotions (both positive and negative), I tend to process life by curating a soundtrack for it. So… welcome to the mixtape of my life at the moment.

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7 Steps to Spring Clean Your Website

Spring is a time for fresh starts and getting organized, and just like your home, the same rules apply in business for your website. Follow these 7 spring cleaning tips to optimize your online presence, attract your ideal audience, and generate more leads.

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Match the Pet to its Good JuJu Team Member

Apparently, people start to look like their pets with time. Is this phenomenon true with the Good JuJu Crew? Play this quick matching game to find out!

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Infographics: Small but Mighty

Does it get any more meta than an infographic about infographics?
Though seemingly small, infographics can have a huge impact on viewership, information retention, brand appeal, and shareability.

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Tom’s Spotify Picks–February 2022

Look no further for your newest workout playlist. Originally creating this mix for Tucson’s Tuesday Night Bike Ride for 100+ riders, Tom gifted us this heart-pumping, lively selection of songs for Good JuJu’s February Spotify picks.

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Good JuJu has Superpowers

The Good JuJu team combines out-of-this-world personalities with never-ending creativity and top-notch marketing skills. Check out our marketing superteam in this super fun, lightning-speed read.

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Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

Top 5 Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

Marketing isn’t going anywhere in 2022, in fact, it’s only growing and getting more important than ever. Follow these top 5 resolutions to make your marketing pop in the new year and beyond.

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