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The Good JuJu Team as TikTok Trends

Some people hate it. Some people love it. No matter which side you’re on, you’ve probably seen a TikTok trend. These short videos aren’t new, but when done creatively and correctly they are proving increasingly helpful for small and big companies alike. With Instagram and Facebook launching Reels, their own version of TikTok, these trendy, entertaining, and sometimes insightful videos are everywhere. But harnessing this popular medium can prove difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Before we jump into why TikToks and Reels can be stellar for business, here’s an important disclaimer: One video done in poor taste can severely damage the relationship you’re building with your audience. Though humor is subjective, some trends can come off as distasteful or be considered rude if done incorrectly. As a rule of thumb, don’t make fun of customers, clients, or your boss.

With over 1 Billion users, TikTok has the highest social media engagement rates per post, topping Instagram and YouTube. TikToks are great for boosting viewership, authentically connecting with audiences, and just having fun. In fact, some entrepreneurs launched their entire business with incredibly short videos. (Yes, social media is an excellent tool, but keep in mind that it’s only one vehicle to reach your target audience. True marketing success comes from incorporating trending videos with proven, dynamic strategy.)

If you’re on the fence about creating TikToks or Reels, keep in mind the unexpected benefits. Audiences feel way more connected to businesses who enjoy what they do, communicate with their customers, and provide useful content. When your customer or client is ready to purchase, they’ll remember your company because of the content you regularly create. As an added bonus, making these videos brings your team closer together while working on something lighthearted. If you haven’t thought about incorporating videos into your marketing strategy, it’s time.

The rest of this *hysterical* blog teaches you how to use five popular TikTok trends while featuring the Good JuJu team as trends of their own.

Adam: I Think It’s Gonna Be a Long, Long Time


Introducing our CEO Adam—king of turning a two minute question into an hour-long conversation

♬ original sound – Kinsey Hagedorn

The Trend: I Think It’s Gonna Be a Long, Long Time 

This audio from Dua Lipa and Elton John’s “Cold Heart” is pretty straightforward. Use the clip over something in your life or business that takes a long, long time–Maybe part of the production process, decisions that wait on other people outside of your company, or someone on your team.

Why Adam?

Adam is delightfully notorious for starting each hour-long conversation with, “Hey, real quick…” Sometimes on topic and sometimes so far off the mark, his conversations are always filled with laughter. We entertain it, especially when we need a break and a smile. As CEO and impromptu creative director, his upbeat personality and conversation skills make him easy to talk to and fun to work with.

Ellie: My Vibe Right Now is Just Living Life

The Trend: My Vibe Right Now is Just Living Life

Put this Kortney Kardashian sound over something that makes you thankful to “live life.” Popular TikToks using this sound include vacation scapes, unboxing merchandise, fun morning routines, or something quirky that you’ve done to enjoy life.

Why Ellie?

Ellie is a whole vibe, and thus, embodies this Kardashian sound. Shamelessly in love with reality TV and inspired by influencer fashion, Ellie can be caught toting her lunch to the office in a trendy, yet environmentally friendly, Lululemon shopping bag. She fills her weekends and breaks with friends, travel, and fun. She’s out there living life. Plus, as our digital media coordinator, it’s kind of Ellie’s job to be in love with current pop culture.

Tom: Let Me Show You How To Abracadabra


When someone in the office has a tech question, we ask Tom!

♬ ABRACADABRA by Qveen Herby – Qveen Herby

The Trend: Let Me Show You How To Abracadabra 

While made popular by fashion influencers, this trend is a great way for businesses or individuals to show viewers how to do something. Be creative and fit this sound to your niche–how to make your favorite meal, style an outfit, have a successful work routine, or decorate your office. The options are endless.

Why Tom? 

We’re always going to Tom with questions. How do I edit the header? What is the best way to execute this interactive quiz? How do I get this setting to work on my computer? And the ever-embarrassing, can you reset my password? Thankfully, he always shows us how and makes time for answers. Quite honestly, when he codes, it seems like he types “Abracadabra” and out pops a stunning sale’s page. As our CSO and data-driven strategist, Tom is the person who can both dream up and deliver the corporate plans. 

Kat: I Do Not Have Time For This! I Do Not Have Time For You!


sorry not sorry for always being late -Kat

♬ original sound – Betelgeusethestar

The Trend: I Do Not Have Time For This! I Do Not Have Time For You!

This trend is incredibly versatile and pretty funny. Simply use this clip from the Netflix show Inventing Anna for something that you don’t have time for. Maybe the longest part involved in making your product, the menial tasks that take up the most time, or something that stops you from your goals. 

Why Kat?

Well, if you watched the TikTok example, that explains a lot. Known for running 2-10 minutes late for almost everything, she jam packs her days full of whatever she loves and skillfully ditches the rest. You can catch Kat using her lunch break for hiking and her weekends for camping. As our copy and content writer, her full and creative life keeps the ideas flowing, while her ability to forget what’s unimportant allows her to keep the creative department on schedule.

Mikey: Yeah, Immediately No.


A daily occurrence at the Good JuJu office…with his logical outlook and well-meaning “no”, Mikey makes an excellent COO.

♬ original sound – The Late Late Show

The Trend: Yeah, Immediately No.

This Justin Bieber and James Corden sound is perfect to put over something that you don’t agree with. Some businesses use this sound to show how their products are accidentally missued, to highlight common misconceptions about the business, or to poke fun at something the team doesn’t like.

Why Mikey?

Purely because someone has to say no. Mikey is 100% a good sport about all of the wild antics that happen in the office, and at the same time, he keeps the team in check. (Well, mainly Adam.) Even though he seems like the unimpressed Justin Bieber of the group, he’s actually the caring Justin Bieber who skillfully offers constructive feedback to James Corden’s TikTok dance moves. With his logical outlook, kind smile, and well-meaning “no,” Mikey makes an excellent COO.

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