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“Thankful” – A Thanksgiving Poem by Adam Lazarus

Thanksgiving is upon us.
My favorite time of year!
A time for being grateful,
for giving thanks and cheer

I’m fortunate for all I’ve got.
I’m grateful every day.
But on Thanksgiving we give thanks,
So I’m MORE thankful today!

I appreciate the things I have.
I’m blessed so very much.
I’m thankful that I’m healthy,
For my home, my car and such.

I’m thankful for my family.
They’re everything in life.
My siblings and my parents,
And my awesome kids and wife.

I’m thankful for my business,
My friends, my dog and more.
All the normal, standard things
That folks are thankful for.

But there are many other things
I’m thankful for, as well.
So here’s my thankful poem.
‘Cause I’m appreciative as hell!

Like a big Thanksgiving dinner,
All the food I get to eat.
I’m thankful for this turkey,
My 11th favorite Meal.

I’m thankful for the cooler weather,
No more scorching summer.
And after turkey plus those sides,
I’m thankful for my plumber.

These stretchy pants and comfy shirts?
For them, I’m giving thanks.
And if I have to leave the house?
I’m thankful there are Spanx.

I’m thankful for god website,
And thankful that this rash I have
Is treatable with balm.

I’m thankful there is football,
Played on Thanksgiving Day.
And thankful that my NY Jets,
Don’t ever get to play.

I’m thankful for the autumn leaves.
Actually, I’m not.
I don’t really care about the leaves,
It was just a pretty thought

I’m thankful for that big parade
That’s always on TV.
I like to watch it from my couch.
But being there? Not me.

I’m thankful for the pumpkins,
On my porch, they all still sit.
They haven’t moved since Halloween,
But they’re still appropriate.

I’m thankful for the many pies
Sweet potato and pumpkin spice.
But most thankful for the Cool Whip
That I heap on every slice.

I’m thankful for the time off,
Sleeping in, and all the meals.
And though I hate Black Friday,
I’m thankful for the deals.

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving movies,
On repeat on TBS.
Like “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”
that movie is the best!

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving!
The best day of the year.
I’m very blessed and grateful,
For the things that I hold dear.

I hope you liked my poem,
Thought it isn’t my best one.
But I’m thankful that you read it
Now, thankfully, it’s done.

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