Don't lose your child-like joy. Studies find that children smile as many as 400 times per day!

Thanksgiving Tunes from the Good JuJu Agency.

Thanksgiving Tunes

Gratitude with a good attitude.:orange_heart: Seasonal songs about giving thanks, being grateful, and enjoying the holiday with friends and family on Thanksgiving!:maple_leaf::turkey::knife_fork_plate: #gratefulforgoodmusic

Listen on Spotify! :notes:

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What's the Best Thanksgiving Dish?

What’s the Best Thanksgiving Dish? 

Emily Green Bean Casserole is THE BEST Thanksgiving dish there is. Many will say – what about mashed potatoes? Apple pie?  While I will agree with…

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DUSK 2023 playlist

DUSK Music Festival Playlist

DUSK Music Festival is happening THIS Friday & Saturday! We’re so excited for our client’s event – we made a playlist including 1 song from every…

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What Halloween Candy is everyone on the Good JuJu team?

Welcome to the Good JuJu Bakery – where everyone will assemble a cake from flavor to filling to plating. Well, metaphorically of course… because we are…

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Jack’s Picks – September 2023 Spotify Playlist

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Marketing Tip – You Need A Plan

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100 Reasons to Smile: Celebrating National Smile Week with Good JuJu Team’s Favorites

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