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Retro Summer Classics Playlist

Ahh, summer.

No school. Longer days. Cool, icy treats. Dippin’ in the pool. More grillin’, cruisin’ and, and groovin’. Honestly, what’s not to love about a summer state of mind?

(If you’re in the Southwest like the Good JuJu Crew, it might be a little hot, but there’s still plenty of fun in front of us!)

Wherever you’re tuning in from, sit back, soak up some sun, and have fun with Good JuJu’s Summer Memories Playlist. 

This retro mix of summer songs from every decade is the perfect combination of summer classics, vintage jams, and vacation memories – timeless favorites guaranteed to take you back to the summers of your youth when life was simpler, worries were fewer and good times didn’t end.

Ellie’s Summer Pick: Summer Nights – John Travolta, Oliva Newton-John

Grease is my mom’s favorite movie, and I watched it many times as a kid with her and my sister. When my sister was in high school, she was in a local production of Grease and it has been one of my favorite musicals since!

Kat’s Summer Pick: Paradise City – Guns N’ Roses

Other than jamming to this song with my dad on the way home from a roadside gelato stand, this is my summer pick because I too, want to be where the grass is green and girls are pretty. (BTW, every woman is beautiful. Let’s just all go dance in the grass.)

Tom’s Summer Pick: Summer In The City – The Lovin’ Spoonful

This song is just so upbeat with summer vibes. It’s also the opening track to Die Hard 3: With a Vengeance which was one of my favorite childhood movies (set in the summer too).

Emily’s Summer Pick: Walking on Sunshine- Katrina & The Waves

Walking on Sunshine is not only literal for a Tucson summer where the days reach 105 degrees, but describes how happy I am that it is summer time. Every time I listen to this song, I’m instantly in a good mood.

Myles’ Summer Pick: Lovely Day – Bill Withers

This song is a certified summertime anthem. It’s relaxing but still groovy. The ideal song for all summer activities.

Mikey’s Summer Pick: Dancing in the Moonlight – King Harvest

Summer nights in Tucson are incredible. Having a couple drinks under a blanket of stars in the cool crisp air screams summer in Tucson to me.

Adam’s Summer Pick: All Summer Long- The Beach Boys

My dad simply loves the Beach Boys, so as a kid, I loved them too. My parents would crank their music loud. We’d sing and harmonize in the car and play this song on summer road trips, in the house, at the pool, on the way to the beach and more. They ARE the sound of summer for me!

The Good JuJu Crew hopes you cannonball into a summer full of fun. Go make some memories!

Stay tuned for August’s playlist, Sweat It Out: A Timed Warmup to Cool Down Playlist

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