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“My 50 Cents” © by Adam Lazarus

This is just my 50 cents. Advice from me to you.

I’m giving 48 more cents. (Most folks just give two.)

  1. Family is always first. No ifs. No ands. No buts.  
  2. Friends are to be cherished. They can pull you out of ruts.
  3. Save pennies for those rainy days, ‘cause one day it may pour.
  4. Learn new things and see the world, it’s what we’re put here for.
  5. Always fight for justice, and not just for the strong.
  6. If challenged with decisions, know, your heart won’t steer you wrong.
  7. Instead of making enemies, put smiles on strangers’ faces.
  8. Nice guys never finish last, they just run slower races.
  9. Look for good in people even when it’s hard to see.
  10. Express yourself through music, or through art, or poetry.
  11. When you hug somebody, don’t rush to let them go.
  12. Always treat the janitor like they’re the CEO.
  13. Remember those that helped you get there after you have “made it.”
  14. Try new things at least one time before you say you hate it.
  15. Always be a human doing, not just a human “being.”
  16. Remember that believing means more than only seeing.
  17. Be genuine and authentic. No one likes a user.
  18. Always be a humble winner and a gracious loser.
  19. Take a ton of pictures and smile for photographs.
  20. Life’s success is measured not by money, but by laughs.
  21. Sing songs in the shower.
  22. Dance when you feel like dancing.
  23. Love’s reward is worth the risk and always worth the chancing.
  24. Life is short, so make it count.
  25. Learn and keep on learning.
  26. Treat the earth with kindness, to ensure that she keeps turning.
  27. Mean it when you say you’re sorry.
  28. Give more than you receive.
  29. Follow dreams no matter what your critics may believe.
  30. Give your seat up for old ladies.
  31. Help an ailing friend.
  32. Treat yourself a little better every now and then.
  33. If you lose, don’t lose the lesson.
  34. Listen more than you speak.
  35. Don’t be cruel to animals, to children, or the weak.
  36. Speak your mind but don’t be mean.
  37. Have a sense of humor.
  38. Seek the truth out for yourself and don’t believe a rumor.
  39. Ask if you don’t know the answer.
  40. Finish what you start.
  41. Always try your hardest – give your all, with all your heart.
  42. Lead by good example.
  43. Give credit when it’s due.
  44. Keep some toys from childhood.
  45. Say “please” and say, “thank you.”
  46. Know a joke or magic trick.
  47. Have fun when you cook.  
  48. Take a nap on rainy days.
  49. Read all the classic books.
  50. Always do unto others, as you’d have done to you.  

Hope you liked my 50 cents. Because every one is true.

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