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Marketing Tips Tactics for a New Year

The new year is all about setting goals, making changes, and moving forward. Applying these same philosophies to your business’s marketing strategy is one of the smartest ways to see significant growth in 2023 and beyond. Ring in the new year the right way with these marketing tips and tactics guaranteed to move the meter in the new year and take your brand to the next level.

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Tips & Tactics to Maximize Your Marketing in the New Year

The new year is all about setting goals, making changes, and moving forward. Applying these same philosophies to your business’s marketing strategy is one of the smartest ways to see significant growth in 2023 and beyond.

Ring in the new year the right way with these marketing tips and tactics guaranteed to move the meter in the new year and take your brand to the next level.

While every business is a bit different, by following these top marketing tips, you’ll be able to maximize what’s already working well while moving forward on some new tactics. And whatever your marketing goals may be, Good JuJu is always here to help.

1. Highlight Your Personality

Operating as a personable and purposeful company – and creating real content that resonates with real people – is the key to succeeding in a competitive space. Being authentic, staying unique, and celebrating your creativity can be a major differentiator and helps drive new audiences towards your brand. For us, being happy, helpful and creating “marketing worth smiling about” is evident in our daily dealings, client interactions, and every piece of content we create. We try to do good work and always be good people – it’s what helps us create meaningful connections. So be yourself and use whatever makes you stand-out to help you “fit in” when it comes to showcasing your brand.

2. Explore New Mediums

In the world of marketing, what got you there may not always get you there. Constantly innovating, changing, and adapting is something any smart business person does, but sometimes that philosophy doesn’t apply to their marketing strategy. Use the new year to double down on what is working well, while also exploring new mediums that may have been overlooked. Analyze what didn’t work last year and allocate some of that budget to test something different. For example, direct mail marketing has been performing better than ever as more people continue to work remotely. Or, use popular social media platforms and create partnerships with influencers in your industry to promote your brand or spread your message.

3. Purpose-Driven Content

Everyone wants to be part of something bigger or help where they can, especially if you make it very easy for them. Including a cause, a purpose, or a mission to your call to action or making it simple for your audience to stay involved or give back is a way to make 2023 the best year yet.
Thinking beyond the core business needs of your customers is key as more and more consumers are thinking about the social, environmental, and philosophical impact and involvement from the brands they frequent. Cause-driven content and creating value propositions that include a purpose not only satisfies your customers’ expectations of your brand, but it also, actually does some real good in the world. Inspiring your audience, increasing your brand image and also genuinely improving the well-being of others? It doesn’t get much better than that! Make purpose-driven content and CTA’s your competitive advantage in 2023.

4. Be a Good Friend

There’s an old saying in business: “In good times people prefer to business with friends. And in bad times people only do business with friends.” Just like in your personal life, being a good “friend” in business pays dividends all year long…so start today. Reach out to customers or clients for no reason at all other than to say hi. Not every point of contact has to be a sales pitch. And using a one-size-fits-all messaging strategy can easily miss the mark. Make each interaction personal and tailor make messaging so it resonates with a particular audience or even a specific person. Be responsive, understanding, and compassionate when your client or customer requires it. “Surprise and delight” your audience through contests, helpful content, creative emails, and customer-centric messaging that makes everyone in your database feel like you’re just talking to them. Being a good friend takes work. But like they say “a friend in need is a friend indeed” and having an army of advocates for your business is worth every bit of effort it requires marketing-wise.

5. Show, Don’t Say, How You Solve the Problem

When you are true to yourself and truly get to know your customer and their needs, solving their problems becomes much easier. Collecting data and making decisions based on that information is the first step, but using what you know to highlight how your solution truly helps a customer – that’s where the magic lies. Does your product or service solve a specific problem? Then don’t say it. Show it! It’s much more powerful to see it in action than to read about it. Show videos of happy people or how your product works. Give kudos to your team and top clients. Share customer stories. Lean-in to user generated content. Make it easy for people to leave you a Google review. Leverage their testimonials. Acknowledge and improve on the poor reviews. Whether it’s on social media, in video, a blog, podcast, or in-person – showing how you, your team, and your product can actually help solve a problem will not only boost sales and increase your social following, but it will strengthen your customer’s trust and make them want to spread the word.

6. Educate & Empower Your Customer

Many business owners are fearful that the more their customers know about their particular product or service, the less likely they will be to need them. It’s simply not true. Inviting your audiences to be a part of the process or helping educate and empower them is a marketing tactic that more businesses need to adopt. This engagement starts with building a foundation of useful and unique educational content. Curate what you can and create the rest. Producing valuable, easy-to-digest, search-optimized educational content — whether video, visual, written or beyond — is a key strategy that all companies should be working on at the start of the new year so it’s useful and usable all year long. Empowering your audience with resources can include guides, step-by-step checklists, industry lists, templates, how-tos and more. Providing useful information is good, but providing actual insight is far better. And if you want to truly elevate your educational content and out-educate your competitors, try throwing in some “insider tips” along the way – tips and tricks that only the “pros” know. Game changer.

7. Reduce Friction Along the Way

The key to conversion is reducing friction. Make it as easy for your customers to transact with you online, when they call, when they walk in or however they engage with your business. All the time. Every time. Everywhere. From ‘search’ to ‘shop’, reducing clicks and removing barriers continues to play a vital role in the digital landscape. Sometimes less is more, so leverage all the tools and technology that allow users to easily find you, contact you, buy from you, hear from you and tell others about you. From an SEO-friendly UX-focused website to native shopping features and “link-in-bio” solutions on social media, making it easy and efficient to do business with you is half the battle. When paired with a good brand, a great product, and a strong call to action, you can bridge the gap between users simply “scrolling” to them actually completing a purchase. Whether it’s fewer words, less pages, or more transparent pricing and info, creating a seamless and connected experience at every touchpoint should be the focus for 2023. What better time to start then today?

Move Your Marketing Forward This Year

Setting goals, making changes, and moving forward with authentic, personalized marketing tactics is the key to leveling up your business and making the most out of the new year!

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