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“Halloween’s Here” – A Halloween Poem by Adam Lazarus

Ghost beneath Good JuJu logo

Halloween’s here! I always forget.
I still haven’t picked out my costume yet.
I’m looking last minute, and may be mistaken,
But all the good costumes seem to be taken.

I want a costume that’s one of a kind.
Costumes like those are the hardest to find.
Something that won’t cost a great deal of money.
Classic, yet topical. Scary, yet funny.

I’ve clicked on the websites. Been to the shops.
Seen all the masks and the makeup and props.
I want to be clever, not cliché or trite,
Something creative for Halloween night.

Goblins are boring. Ghouls are too easy.
Pirates and witches and devils are cheesy.
Mummies are mundane. Skeletons stink.
What can I be this year? C’mon man, think!

Cowboys are corny. Vampires suck.
I can’t find a costume! I’m having no luck.
Werewolves are worn out. Soldiers are sour.
It’s getting close to the Halloween hour!

I hate wearing makeup. I don’t want a mask.
Picking a costume is such a hard task.
What should I go as? What should I be?
I need something different. A costume that’s “me”!

I just can’t decide from the millions to choose.
So maybe I’ll lay here and just take a snooze.
That’s it! I got it! A sheet on my head!
I may look like a ghost, but I’m not…


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