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Good JuJu has Superpowers

Superheroes are stellar not simply because of their superpowers, but because they work in teams.

They recognize that striving for perfection alone is an unbeatable task that will defeat even the strongest beings. It’s not until our strengths combine to make one mega-powered marketing brain that we truly thrive and deliver dynamic marketing for each of our varying clients.

The Good JuJu team combines out-of-this-world personalities with never-ending creativity and top-notch marketing skills. Check out our marketing superteam in this super fun, lightning-speed read.

Seandean (A.K.A. Visual Vixen)

She’s dazzling. She’s bright. And for her, imagination holds no bounds.

Her role as our graphic and digital designer is no small feat. Classically trained in art, Visual Vixen uses her creative vision and acute skills to execute our wildest ideas for blogs, social, web, and more.

A true hero at website hero images and a titan at turning boring posts into beautiful pieces of art, she may be small, but she is one of the mightiest members of the Good JuJu super-team 

With a flick of her magical wrist, she transforms bland images into gorgeous graphics that entrance viewers wide and far. Always there when you call, Visual Vixen pulls out all the stops to captivate our clients and help create marketing that’s worth smiling about.

Mikey (A.K.A. Agent Organized)

It’s not a bird or a plane. And he doesn’t leap tall buildings or run faster than a locomotive. But for this team, he’s better than Superman. Suited up in his finest jeans, Good JuJu t-shirt, and crisp white shoes, Agent Organized keeps the team moving forward together and ensures every operation (no matter how small) runs smoothly so no detail is overlooked. 

As Good JuJu’s COO, Agent Organized is a born leader and big presence who’s packed with potent analytical and managerial powers. From helping with major projects to handling the minutia, he uses his masterful brain and his marketing brawn to keep the team soaring on their out-of-this-world tasks.

If you have a question, he’ll answer it. 
If you have a vacation request, he’ll approve it.
If you have a heavy object to haul, he’ll move it. 
If you want a laugh and need a joke, he’ll crack it. 

And when the team needs a reminder of the marketing mission at hand? 

Well, all he needs to do is captivate the room with his booming voice to get us all back on track.

Kat (A.K.A. Copykat)

Seeking to add SEO value, craft open-worthy subject lines, and offer new insight in every blog post or website call-to-action, Copykat is Good JuJu’s incredible copy and content writer. 

Her main mission? To stay original, be authentic, and always highlight the benefit in every piece of text she types. A true shapeshifter when it comes to the written word, she can handle any content that comes her way and tackles every task with passion, pride, and expert precision. 

No copy is too complex. No brand is too big. No topic is too tricky. Copykat digs deep into her empathic nature, deftly morphing into the perspective of each client and melding into the mind of every customer to deliver compelling, convincing, and on-brand content. Every. Single. Time. 

Adam (A.K.A. Idea Outburst)

Big ideas and busting rhymes is the name of his game. 

As our CEO & resident Writing Director, Idea Outburst always packs a punch with his insane ideas, inventive wordplay, and jovial sense of humor. 

His superpower allows whatever he says to actually come to life, and turn his wild ideas into wonderful deliverables, as his humorous words twist to match the tone of any task that comes before him. 

Personal injury attorney website? Settled. 
Custom holiday poem written quickly? Love it.
Propane company email? It’s on.
Hard money loan blog? Check. 
Seasonal event post? Cool.
Winning an impromptu rap battle? Mic dropped.

With a funny mind and a flowing vocabulary first influenced by Dr. Seuss and The Beastie Boys and later expanded by Dr. Dre and Vampire Weekend, Idea Outburst can spout out meaningful suggestions and spit mad rhymes as Good JuJu’s super-powered writer and visionary leader.

Tom (A.K.A. Dr. Data)

Part man–part A.I., Dr. Data diligently takes ideas and information and expertly elevates any website, email, and ad one line at a time. How? An android-like brain.

Dr. Data, our CSO, is a true technologist who uses his strategic insight and super coding powers to analyze your target audience, captivate your customers, and provide them a perfect user-friendly experience when opening emails, skimming blogs or searching websites.

With what seems like the click of a mouse, Dr. Data thinks faster, works harder, and digs deeper into metrics than any mere mortal, skillfully transforming any mundane digital resource into a metric-driven marketing magnet.

Originally “programmed” in  Ireland after accumulating global knowledge as a world-class traveler, Dr. Data exceeds clients’ expectations with his humble expertise, strategic planning, and a keen eye for design – all deeply rooted in data.

While data and digital marketing are his defining power, this half-Celtic, half-cyborg’s secondary superpower constantly surprises the Good JuJu team daily? What is this hidden talent? Movie trivia.

Ellie (A.K.A. Miss Meticulous)

Miss Meticulous thrives on structure and she’s energized by efficiency. In fact, as our digital marketing specialist, processes and planning are at the heart of her special superpower.

Her backstory as a beautiful ballet dancer has trained her to be thoughtful, forced her to work hard, and fostered her creativity – character traits that allow her to shine as the superpowered Miss Meticulous. 

Scheduling and coordinating everything – each email to the bounty of blogs to a spectrum of social posts – she keeps the Good JuJu superteam on track and organized for every single client. 

With her headphones in hand and a Trader Joe’s bag nearby, Miss Meticulous combines her youthful energy with wisdom beyond her age to ensure everything that needs to get done, gets done. 

If we need something planned, prioritized, and perfectly executed, we can always count on her doing it swiftly and with a smile. Miss Meticulous never misses a thing.

Need some superpowered marketing to start the new year? Signal us at [email protected] or 520.333.5909 to take your creative to new universes with Good JuJu Agency’s superteam. 

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