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Good JuJu Does Good

We opened Good JuJu Agency because we believe in the power of Good. 

Good JuJu is a positive feeling, a peaceful energy. It’s a happy, helpful spirit. It’s cheerfulness and creativity. Our values, team, and client interactions embody Good JuJu every day, but we wanted to do a little bit extra.

So, on Friday, April 15th we closed the office for Good JuJu Day (Good Friday!) – a day off to let our team spread some Good JuJu into the world however they saw fit. Each team member received stipends with only two stipulations on how to spend it:

1) To do something Good for themselves, and
2) To do something Good for someone else

Check out this blog to see all of the Good our team did on Good JuJu Day!


What Good did you do for yourself?

A: I applied my stipend to a badly needed massage.

What Good did you do for others?

A: I was in Hawaii, so I decided to spread the love in the most colorful way I could think of… Hawaiian Ice! I bought a bunch of shaved ice and handed them out with my kids to strangers along the beach. It brought smiles to every face and spread the good vibes in a fun way.   


What Good did you do for yourself (and others?)

A: I took an old friend who I haven’t seen in a long time out to play golf and have lunch. We had a great time catching up, sharing laughs, and enjoying the outdoors. I benefited from it too. So, two birds and all of that. It was a good day.  


What Good did you do for yourself?

A: I played some golf with friends and played video games with my kids. 

What Good did you do for others?

A: My kids and I bought water bottles, snacks, chips, and sunscreen and made “go-bags” – care kits containing a variety of everyday items that we take for granted but the less-fortunate too often do without. Then we drove around handing them out to people in need who were standing at intersections or seemed down on their luck. Spreading a little bit of kindness alongside my kids was very special, and was a simple, appreciated way to spread some good juju for a dozen people who needed a little extra love that day.  


What Good did you do for yourself?

A: I went to Coachella and had an amazing time! 

What Good did you do for others?

A: My sister’s (Lena) favorite artist is Conan Gray, and we listen to his music together. I saw him at Coachella and Facetimed Lena during his set so she could be part of the show even though she wasn’t actually there. Then I bought her a Conan Gray tour t-shirt!


What Good did you do for yourself?

A: I invested in my Roth IRA! We love to see money that grows over time.

What Good did you do for others?

A: (TW: Suicide prevention) For those who don’t know, I taught 8th grade English for four years before making the transition to writing full-time and then later joining the Good JuJu Team! A large part of my time in the classroom was spent creating a helpful, inclusive, fun, and caring classroom culture. Putting students’ social and emotional needs before any classroom novel does wonders for the academic aspects of school. When teachers advocate for acceptance and actively practice compassion, students tend to thrive–especially those who typically feel ostracized.

I donated $50 to The Trevor Project, which is the largest suicide prevention hotline for LGBTQ+ youth. They work towards advocacy, research, community, and public education with the hopes of creating a world where young people feel safe to be themselves. They provide excellent resources for the public to start learning and advocating for LGBTQ+ youth. Below you’ll find research from The Trevor Project, which I hope reinforces the fact that everyone deserves to be treated with compassion, acceptance, and kindness.

Suicide Prevention Statistic: 

  • Having at least one accepting adult can reduce the risk of suicide attempts among LGBTQ+ youth by 40% and increase self-esteem–with a strong association being LGBTQ+ affirming schools.

Suicide Risk Statistics:

  • 42% of LGBTQ+ youth seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year–more than half being transgender and nonbinary youth. (2021)
  • An estimated 1.8 million LGBTQ+ youth ages 13-24 seriously consider suicide each year in the U.S. (2021) 
  • Research suggests that among LGBTQ+ youth, only ⅓ experience parental acceptance– ⅓ experience rejection, and the other ⅓ do not disclose their LGBTQ+ identity. (2015)

Sharing good vibes is what Good JuJu is all about, and the first annual Good JuJu Day certainly did not disappoint. From care kits and donations to golf, Hawaiian ice, and t-shirts, the team definitely did good for others (& themselves!)

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