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Good JuJu Day Recap 2023

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Good JuJu is all about cheerfulness, creativity, and most importantly goodness. On Friday April, 7th we closed the office for a special holiday Good JuJu Day – a day created to celebrate goodness by letting everyone on our team spread Good JuJu how they see it. Everyone on the team was given a stipend with two requests: 

  1. Do something good for you 
  2. Do something good for someone else.

Keep scrolling to read how the team participated in the second annual Good JuJu Day


  1. For me – GJJ Day allowed me to focus on myself for a bit, which is something I rarely do. I made an awesome omelette (with ingredients I like), took a long walk with the dog, got a haircut, watched a funny show that I enjoy, and went to a fun movie with my 14 year old son.
  2. For others – called or texted dozens of family members and friends just to say I love them, I miss them, and that I am thinking about them. Felt good to reach out for no reason, other than letting others know they are deeply loved. Then, at the movie – “Super Mario Bros” – my son and I bought soda, snacks and sweets for as many kids and families as I could. Seeing their smiles and their cute little “thank you’s” was my idea of spreading Good JuJu in its simplest form.


For me this Good JuJu day was about spreading positivity through self care.

  1. I took the day to myself and drove around listening to music and taking care of some errands that I haven’t found the time to fit in the past couple of weeks. I got a carwash which always puts a smile on my face and puts me in a positive head space. I also got a haircut.
  2. I have a relative who is going though a divorce. She has two small children and a soon to be ex-husband who clearly doesn’t appreciate her as much as he should. She didn’t have her children on Friday so I sent her a venmo so that she could treat herself to getting her nails done and some positive vibes.

More often than not I find that a little solo time and taking care of the little things, or a small gesture like letting someone know you’re thinking about them is a super effective way to spread Good JuJu.


  1. On Good JuJu Day, I decided to go out on a solo date and treat myself to a bruschetta board from Postino’s and enjoyed a night of eating good food.
  2. I was able to purchase some dog toys and treats and dropped them off at Pima Animal Care Center. PACC is a dog, cat, and sometimes even farm animal shelter. Right now, they are at critical capacity hosting over 500 dogs and over 600 animals in general. They always need more supplies such as towels, blankets, toys, and food as well as fosters and adopters for their many animals. If you want to learn how you can help PACC and their many cutie animals head to or follow them on Instagram here:


  1. For Good JuJu day, I took my parents out to dinner at Tuk Tuk Thai. It was wonderful to enjoy some delicious food with good company.
  2. I donated the rest of the money to Planned Parenthood. I fully support everyone’s right to bodily autonomy and love how much Planned Parenthood has fought for that cause.


  1. I was able to buy a new microphone for the Smyles with Myles podcast. The condenser mic will help spread smyles by improving the quality and clarity of future episodes.
  2. decided to support Coffee Times a local coffee shop in Tucson. During the afternoon coffee rush, I purchased drinks for the next few customers. It felt special to support a local Tucson business AND help coffee lovers get their needed mid-afternoon drink. Coffee Times offers more than just food, smoothies, and coffee. They also have a YEAR-ROUND CHARITABLE GIVING PROGRAM!

Good JuJu Agency. Marketing worth smiling about. 😃

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