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From Naked and Afraid to Hell’s Kitchen, Reality TV is Everywhere (Including Good JuJu!)

Reality TV is anything but real. We all know this, and that’s kind of why we love it. (Not to mention, it’s easy to market.)

We become engrossed in the lives of others and thank the stars that we live pretty boring lives in comparison. The glitz, over-the-top drama, and intense pressure-cooker situations keep us hooked and constantly curious.

If the housewives don’t actually get along, then why do they hang out? Is Gordon Ramsey really that mean–does he even cook well? Wait, are they really naked and afraid in the wilderness 24/7? Do the cast members on The Circle have to work during the day and build alliances all night? How does Kendall Jenner not know how to cut a cucumber?

The world may never know.

What we do know, however, is that while our staff are stars in their own right and definitely have “main character” energy, we all belong in very different reality shows.

Mikey – Hell’s Kitchen

Firm but in a funny way, Mikey isn’t nearly as grumpy but definitely challenges the office to grow and succeed in order for the agency and all our clients to level up marketing efforts.

  • Offering a variety of tools, supplies, and accounts at work, Mikey makes sure we’re always trying new things.
  • He’s a true star in the Good JuJu TikToks. 
  • He always has the best lunches.
  • Mikey serves fierce looks and doesn’t hide what he thinks.
  • Being renewed for its 22nd season, Hell’s Kitchen is a staple ingredient of reality TV, much like Mikey at Good JuJu Agency.

Adam – Real Housewives of Miami

Not just because he was raised in Florida but also because he’s a Good JuJu staple (much like The Real Housewives are a staple of reality TV) Adam is definitely The Real Housewives of Miami:

  • Easily the most animated out of the Good JuJu bunch, Adam always brings the energy.
  • Adam rocks some pretty iconic beachwear–especially the Hawaiian shirt with his son’s face on it. 
  • All about having a good time, Adam is always looking for ways to make us laugh.
  • Excellent at networking, Adam can talk to anyone and continually builds his extensive community.
  • The Real Housewives of Miami was revived after taking a break. Similar to starting Good JuJu Agency after the pandemic paused his career in the travel industry, Adam is resilient and came back better than ever.

Tom – The Amazing Race

Both worldly and a world traveler himself, Tom is adventurous and all around pretty amazing. Thus, he is undoubtedly The Amazing Race.

  • To bring up an obvious starting point, he’s from Ireland, lived in Namibia, and is now a citizen of the United States.
  • At almost lightning speed, Tom can crank out a stellar website or email campaign without breaking a sweat.
  • As for unique travels, Tom has zip-lined in Costa Rica, climbed and rappelled in Arizona, and canyoneered in Oregon…and that was just in 2022!
  • Tom displays grit, integrity, and focus each day at Good JuJu. 
  • Part of an adventurous, dynamic duo Tom and his partner, Melissa, travel the world together. (Shout out to Melissa!)

Myles  – The Circle

Being new to the team, we’re all trying to get to know Myles a ton more. He’s already made an impression and we have no doubt that he’ll make a lasting alliance to get him through The Circle.

  • Our new Digital Marketing Specialist, Myles, knows the ins and outs of successful self-marketing strategies.
  • Having a bird’s-eye-view of the Good JuJu operations, Myles skillfully balances our multiple accounts.
  • Myles is super friendly and eager to ask questions.
  • He is passionate about his sports, service, and family of two! 
  • Usually up for a short work distraction, Myles fits right in with the creative department’s shenanigans.

Emily  – Project Runway

Emily walks into the office everyday with a new outfit. She may not be sewing and creating dresses from scratch, but she does style an exciting fit every day. Always sporting bold earrings, her outfits cannot be ignored when she walks into a room. Which is why Emily is undoubtedly, undeniably Project Runway.

  • Emily minored in Fashion at University of Arizona.
  • She has received DMs on Instagram asking her where she shops.
  • When she gets a compliment on her outfit it makes her happy for the rest of the day.
  • She’s not afraid to make bold choices that other people may question.
  • She dresses to theme for every party, holiday, or spirit day always going all out with headbands and props.

Kat – Naked and Afraid

With a drive for freedom and a love for the natural world our lead copy and content writer, Kat, typically spends her weekends camping, hiking, or road tripping. Even though she’s not usually naked or afraid on her camping trips, this is easily the most fitting reality show for her.

  • Kat is willing to dive in and take on a challenge. 
  • Up for an adventure, she is always on the go. 
  • In the face of difficulties, she knows how to find joy and make the best out of rough situations. 
  • Inspiring others to go for their goals, Kat leads by example.
  • Part of Season 12 was filmed in Arizona. So, there.

Ellie – Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Even though she’s living it up in L.A., we couldn’t forget the resident reality TV show connoisseur. Possessing main-character, it-girl energy, Ellie IS Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

  • Ellie’s always in-style, on-trend, and always herself.
  • She tells it like it is.
  • Being extremely photogenic, she has no problem taking pictures worth a million likes. 
  • Not afraid to admit when she’s confused, she’ll ask anything on her mind.
  • She’s building her empire (Have fun at Snapchat! We love you!)

Here for your entertainment (and to transform your marketing game), while we don’t bring the drama of reality stars, Good JuJu promises to always keep it real and help make YOUR business or brand the true star of the show.

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