Don't lose your child-like joy. Studies find that children smile as many as 400 times per day!

Social Media Breakdown: Choose the Best Platform to Market Your Business

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Thankful Poem

“Thankful” – A Thanksgiving Poem by Adam Lazarus

Thanksgiving is upon us. My favorite time of year!A time for being grateful,for giving thanks and cheer I’m fortunate for all I’ve got.I’m grateful every day.But…

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Good JuJu Spotify Cover for Thanksgiving Playlist

Good Thanksgiving Tunes Playlist – November 2022

Gratitude with a good attitude! Enjoy our team’s favorite songs about giving thanks, being grateful, and enjoying Thanksgiving with good food, good people, and good music!

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Ghost beneath Good JuJu logo

“Halloween’s Here” – A Halloween Poem by Adam Lazarus

Halloween’s here! I always forget.I still haven’t picked out my costume yet.I’m looking last minute, and may be mistaken,But all the good costumes seem to be…

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“My 50 Cents” © by Adam Lazarus

This is just my 50 cents. Advice from me to you. I’m giving 48 more cents. (Most folks just give two.)

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Myles’ Office Sounds Playlist – September 2022

Music is a pivotal part of the work week. A song can elevate the mood, give the energy needed to finish a task, or just put someone in a sentimental mood. Work can get a little chaotic, so here are some songs to help when things feel too crazy.

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marketing quotes we live by

Marketing Quotes We Live By

There are an infinite number of inspiring quotes and phrases people use for encouragement or education in their personal and professional lives, and the marketing industry is no exception.

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Sweat It Out: A Timed Warmup to Cool Down Playlist

Tired of workouts feeling like a chore? From the warmup to the cool down, this 35-minute playlist turns the working out into rocking out.

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