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7 Steps to Spring Clean Your Website

The best marketing strategies are connected across platforms and create a stable brand that your customers can connect with. But it all starts with your website.

Just as you’d clean your closet or get your garage in order at home, you can easily “clean” your business website so it supports your brand and better attracts the right audience to propel your company forward. Here’s how:

While these steps are pretty straightforward, if it seems like too much to take on by yourself, simply reach out to Good JuJu Agency. We specialize in digital and traditional marketing for businesses of all models and sizes and can help you clean up, catch up, or level up your marketing efforts.

  1. Make the Bed for Mobile

Making the bed is a sure-fire way to start your day off on the right foot, and your website is no different for new customers. In order to get new customers’ attention from the start, it’s important to have an awe-inspiring, easy-to-use mobile site.

Yes, I’m sure your website looks incredible on a desktop. But does the mobile-friendly version deliver that same wow factor? In today’s world, a responsive and engaging mobile experience is crucial. According to digital datahouse Review 42:

  • 70% of all web traffic happens through mobile use
  • 61% of users won’t return to sites that aren’t user friendly on mobile
  • And even more convincing, 80% of users will buy from sites and apps that are user friendly on mobile

A simplified, clean mobile experience is paramount when it comes to digital devices. Aim for striking visuals, short and concise copy, and easy functionality on mobile sites to increase customer trust, loyalty, and recommendations.

2. Vacuum Up Old Visuals 

Nothing is worse than sweeping your entire house only to have that one, pesky line of dust left behind from the broom and dustpan debacle. The same is true with your visuals.

The copy could be compelling, captivating, and on-target, but if the visuals are outdated, clunky, or not resonating with your target audience, your site won’t generate leads. Make sure you own the images or have permission to use them – don’t just right-click and “Save As” from Google. And get those naming conventions handled correctly. Images should also have alt text for ADA compliance along with being tagged for SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)

To attract leads from your target audience, make sure you have eye-catching, engaging, updated graphics that are tagged correctly for SEO value and tell your customer’s story. Striking graphics paired with compelling copy highlight your brand and showcase your products or services that help your customer know your story.

3. Scrub for SEO Value

Scrubbing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value can sometimes seem like scrubbing the shower– murky, time-consuming, and often confusing. Why wash away soap residue with more soap? Because after all that hard work, you will see dazzling results.

Expert marketing agencies understand the importance of high keyword density, tagging, and backlinks to encourage more traffic and target the keywords you want your website to rank high for. 

When copy and content writers use high keyword density, or a large volume of targeted and trending words, SEO value increases. Scrubbing your site to enhance SEO value and ensure your backlinks and keywords are benefiting you is essential. We highly recommend focusing on your site’s SEO value so your company doesn’t end up “down the drain”, or worse…lost on the 2nd page of Google.

4. Tidy Up Your “Above the Fold” Content

We all have those moments of cleaning in haste for unannounced visitors–making sure everything looks clean with uncluttered countertops. We all know that perception is everything, especially when you’re trying to make a first impression. Like someone walking into your house, what can be seen at first glance – or “above the fold” – also matters greatly when it comes to websites.

You’d likely spend the time and energy needed to clean your home if you knew company was coming over, and your website deserves that same polished look when your customers first view each page. A marketer’s job is to ensure that each page is branded, clear, and captivating everywhere, but especially “above the fold,” or before viewers have to scroll down to view the rest of the site.

Key “above the fold” elements are your attention-grabbing logo, eye-catching hero, bold headline, simple CTA (call-to-action), clear offerings/services, and easy-to-use navigation that pulls it all together.

5. Organize Your Target Audience

Tired of opening random drawers and not finding what you need? The same frustration applies to your business and its ideal audience. The goal with a good website is to attract the right viewers – potential customers or prospective clients – that will sustain your business by speaking directly to them, addressing their needs and issues, and offering an actual solution.

For example, “young moms” is a vague target audience, whereas “young working moms who don’t have time to meal-prep a healthy variety of options for a family of 4” is much more specific. 

When you research, analyze, identify, and organize your exact target audience, you can garner far more accurate leads with the appropriate messaging and graphics, strategic app integrations, and focused copy on your website.

6. Wipe Down Interactive Elements

Cleaning a mirror with soap and water will leave streaks, but cleaning a mirror with vinegar or glass cleaner will make the mirror shine and allow for a clear view. The same principle lends itself to interactive elements on websites, which is why sometimes they need a good wipe-down. 

Though it may seem like interactive elements such as quizzes, videos, polls, and other tools would draw viewers to the site, that’s not always the case. When interactive elements are outdated or off-brand, no one cares. When these elements link off to another site, no one comes back to you. And when they’re embedded into websites, search engines can’t easily reward you for  the key terms you’re fighting for.

To truly optimize interactive elements on your website, make sure you have a marketing team with a skilled developer who can smartly build these for SEO value. They’ll add those keywords to the interactive element code and ensure it’s working to benefit your strategy and not bringing it down. When the key terms are in the code, it’s like cleaning your mirror with glass cleaner instead of soap–easy to look at and gives you that shine you wanted all along.

7. Polish Your Branding

Speaking of shine, sometimes the extra shiny details in a home attract the most attention. Similar to unique hardware, striking lighting fixtures, or chrome-plated doorknobs, your branding needs to be polished.

Between color pallets, fonts, logos, icons, phrases, content, and more, there’s a lot to consider when fine-tuning your branding. Hiring a skilled marketing team to develop your voice and your story, and ensure every element is on-brand, will make creating every design, each post, and any content piece easier for years to come.

While good marketing takes work and sometimes needs to be cleaned up, we believe that marketing should be enjoyable. We know you’re busy running a business, so worrying about websites, creating content, and executing everything else needed nowadays can seem overwhelming. You need an agency partner that will make the website refresh process fun, not frustrating. 

For help spring cleaning your website or to level up your marketing efforts, reach out to Good JuJu Agency at (520) 333-5909 or [email protected] 

Let us help ensure your marketing is worth smiling about. 

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